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Why the "fit" angle?

Since my 2014 diagnosis, most of the ovarian cancer survivors I have met are also women who ate well, had no previous cancers, and exercised regularly.  One woman found out after her cancer diagnosis that she tested positive for a BRCA gene mutation, which increases the risk for both breast and ovarian cancer. She has never experienced breast cancer.


As a critical thinker, my analytical side “noodled” this information for several months; I wondered why these women were diagnosed with this specific type of cancer.  In general, fitness reduces the risk for cancer, and stroke, and dementia, and numerous other diseases.  And certainly, being fit helped each of these women through their cancer experience.


These women had all the standard cancer risk factors under control: non-smokers, not overweight, ate well, and exercised regularly.


Then I started googling and found several other fit women who were also diagnosed with ovarian cancer.


I brainstormed with friends in the health sector about what could possibly compromise the cells of the reproductive system – perhaps tampons, yeast infections, or athletic apparel are contributing factors.  The survey is intended to gather information from 3,000 women, ages 18 to 100, regardless of their fitness levels. The hope is that the survey will lead to scientific study of these potential risk factors, which in turn might lead to identifying a new risk factor, something that women can actively avoid, reducing their risk of ovarian cancer.

To participate, please complete the confidential survey:   LINK to SURVEY

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