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The mission of Citizen Science for Ovarian Cancer is to raise awareness of under-studied aspects of ovarian cancer to inspire researchers and foundations.

Meg's Story

November 3rd, 2014: My dad turned 88 and I woke up in the hospital after major abdominal surgery to learn that I had ovarian cancer.  I was devastated.


Ten days later, I learned that I was one of the lucky ones: my ovarian cancer was Stage 2 –  I  embarked on six rounds of chemo therapy, and now five years later, my prognosis is excellent.


Most cases of ovarian cancer are not discovered at Stage 1 or 2, when the survival rate is high; most cases are discovered at Stage 3 or 4, when the prognosis is not good.  Ovarian cancer has a suite of vague symptoms which means early signs often go undiagnosed.


My symptoms began in the spring of 2014; I did go to my primary care physician; nothing was identified.  It never occurred to me to make an appointment with my GYN; I did consider going to a GI doctor at one point.  The “complex cyst” was found at my annual GYN exam in late September.


On this web site you will see the projects that I have undertaken in an effort to keep the promise I made to myself to use my experience and the fact that I survived, to make a difference for this deadly cancer.


To contribute to Project #3: The Workshop: Together We can Learn About Living Without An Omentum:

LINK to Go-Fund-Me Page


Yours in health,


Meg Wilkinson

Thank you to the many, many people who have helped with this project:

Alex, Bill, Cara, Chris, Ellen, Georgianna, Janine, Jenn, Jonathon, Julie, Lesley, Lisa, Margaret, Mark, Matt, Sandy, Shane, Tony

.... and MORE....

Thank You!!

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