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Project GOALS:

  • Empower ovarian cancer survivors

  • Raise awareness of the omentum and possible ramifications of living without an omentum

  • Inspire researchers to study the omentum, especially the role of the omentum processing abdominal fluids and aiding digestion

The Omentum Effect (TOE):

Help Stage 1/Stage2 Ovarian Cancer Survivors, Thrive!

If you want to go fast

      - go alone;

If you want to go far

      - go together

               - African Proverb

I am an ovarian cancer survivor. One of the lucky ones: Stage 2; Excellent prognosis. Over the past 3 years I have figured out how to manage digestive issues stemming from living without an omentum.


What is the omentum you ask? It is an organ that is part of the immune system and the lymphatic system. As part of it's immune system work, it is good at "gathering" cancer cells, so it is standard protocol to remove it during cancer staging surgery.


I have learned a great deal; but there is so much more to discover:

Do the three strategies that helped me:

  • Eating strategically, including close-to-the-ground style of eating

  • Exercising daily, and

  • Employing kinesio tape

Help other women living without an omentum?

And are there strategies that other women have learned that would be helpful to share?

Can we help ovarian cancer survivors improve their quality of life?

The members of The Omentum Effect Advisory Team are contributing time and expertise to help move my anecdotal experience to the next level.


The Omentum Effect, "TOE", will conduct a small, local, informal study providing a 12-week Educational experience for 15 Stage 1 & Stage 2 ovarian cancer survivors; and 15 survivors in a control group. The project will fund raise so that survivors can participate at no cost to them.

TOE Advisory Team Members
Meg Wilkinson, Ovarian Cancer Survivor, Project Lead
Nancy B. Clemente, Founder, the Nancy B. Clemente Cancer Fund
Shea Foley, Ovarian Cancer Advocate
Nick Gallagher, Physical Therapist
Cassie Lembo-Sheridan, Ovarian Cancer Survivor, 
Talin McBride, Certified Physical Therapist
Jillian Mertzlofft, Personal Trainer
Nick Montalto, Gynecological Surgeon
TOE Partner Experts
Katie Amo, Videographer
Sara Avery, Physical Therapist and Entrepreneur
Ian Cutting, Certified Personal Trainer
TOE Academic Support - TBD (email if you are interested!)
  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) process
  • Data Analysis from Garmin Vivosport data, meal tracking, online assessment surveys, and fitness assessments
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