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The Omentum Project

Have you heard of the Omentum?

EAT Popcorn for Science!

400 women needed:

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Together We Can Learn About Living Without an Omentum:

  • Free, Educational Online Tutorial

  • Videos about the omentum, the lymphatic system, and strategies that may be helpful for some cancer omentum-less cancer survivors

  • Connect with other cancer survivors living without an omentum

  • Try one or more of the strategies such as kinesio tape

  • Share your experiences

  • Together We Can Learn About Living Without an Omentum

  • Questions? Email Meg: 

Project #3: Try. Share. Learn.

Project #2: Ovarian Cancer Survivors & Digestive Issues online survey

Project #1: an Online Survey

Thank you to the 500 women who completed the survey!

Citizen Science, aka Community Science, can refer to any project where non-scientists are providing assistance of some kind to a science project.  Well-known citizen science projects include eBird, the Cell Slider Project, Zooinverse, and the Smithsonian Digital Volunteers Transcription Center.  The mission of the Citizen Science for Ovarian Cancer project is to raise awareness of under-studied aspects of ovarian cancer with the hope of connecting with researchers and/or foundations and inspiring them to embark on research projects to address these looming questions.

Learn More about Citizen Science:




Cancer is Complicated.... Some Questions for Researchers:

  • Why are women under 30 being diagnosed with ovarian cancer?

  • Why are fit women being diagnosed with ovarian cancer?

  • Why are BRCA-positive women being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, but, NOT breast cancer?

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